Range of Services

Our range of services includes the entire production process, starting with the mould design throughout to the final injection molding or the assembly of the components is done.

Mould Design / Toolmaking

Due to a strategic company cooperation in the field of toolmaking you will profit as a customer by our well-experienced staff in our design, construction and injection-molding departments.

Synergies can be used in an ideal way and can positively influence the product implementation.


A machinery of 34 injection-moldingmachines of the new generation with 250-2220 KN make a production on highest standards possible. We are able to work with any plastics, e.g. POM, PBT, PA6, PA6.6, PETP, PPE, PMMA, PC and APEC. Even very special plastics are worked on, like PPS.

The use of electronic injection-moldingmachinery makes it possible to combine highest electro mechanic precision with an economic power consumption.

Our machineries are equipped with an automatic handling for pick and place of components.


Besides the injection-molding production we also assemble small components, which is carried out in an automated production with integrated control.


In addition to our manual component controlling we also check initial and further samplings and conduct statistical process controlling.

  • Design development on request
  • Development of project properties
  • Project management, series production
  • Benchmarks in heat-resistant plastics


“All from one source.”